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Welcome to the About Author Page.
For you to have landed here, you really are kind of inquisitive to really know all about this little Nigga who manages this blog. Well Welcome as am not gonna disappoint you, to be frank.
Lets assume this to be a face to face discussion and you happen to be the press {though you may not like that, Pardon pls, its just an assumption} and you are just right here, sitting next to me with a cool glass of fruit juice, enjoying the weather and absorbing the environs and there facing you happens to be a guy putting on a Manchester united jersey and short, with the red devils towel sliding from his neck down, looking at you straight in the eyeball, though a little bit shy but well composed. Trying to be a little bit nice as he glances from you to the environs and back to the table not really sure if he is gonna impress you or not.  
Now you got it right, that person is gonna be me! LoLs, Definitely. Lets proceed please.
Now you got me in the right place for an audio interview and definitely you are gonna ask me some question, so let the game begin.
Lets assume you start with
Q1. “Sir {that’s if you mind}, Please can we get to know you.
Ans. My real name is Christian {forget the surname for now}, popularly known as Christheair or as I have come to be known as “Loaded Nwa” all thanks to Loadednation.com. A Nigerian based blogger who resides in the Eastern region, Enugu to be precise and that definitely defines my tribe. A guy though not all that cool, but a nice guy in my perspective. Fun to be with, though not all times.
Q2. How did you get into blogging?
Ans. Well it wasn’t all about blogging at first. My Aunt who I happen to live with was and still is  a computer operator, so I kind of dabbled into the computer world at a very early age. I got interested in computer games and that attributed to me learning the act of typing and designing, designing my own games with powerpoint and other other apps, all thanks to wikihow. Now talking about blogging, I took unto blogging because of my passion for sharing, first, it started as a joke and now here it is. I didn’t start with blogs at once. My first experience was a wapka site which I designed by just googling codes and not actually knowing the real interpretation of those codes. My first wapka site chrixowap really was just an inspirational site which I just touched when I ever I kind of got free mb from my service provider. I continued with the site and as of then, heard a lot of super stories about wordpress, joomla, hubpages, etc. None made enough sense to me as of then as I was just confused and never gave a shit about them until one day.
That fateful day, having just recently graduated from grade 6 awaiting my results to proceed to the UNI and decided to while away time by working in a cyber cafĂ©. I came across a guy who happens to be into blogging, he was a kind of what I may attribute to a geek as of then. I watched him complain and say all sorts of things about html, php, j query, and a hell lot of them which made me more and more confused. I asked him if I could be of help, he then told me something that changed my thought. He said “Boy, don’t ask, cos you can’t help, what do you know about blogging?”. It was just the right words that swung me into action.
I nursed the feeling for somedays and went into action with google, I heard just two objectives in my mind as of then. Build my Wapka site to standard or get off with a blog. I searched the net, all thanks to google for definitions, inspiration and any good article I could lay my hands on about blogging. When I taught I have read a lot, I combed into html, php, html5, css, and others, reading and practicising, template editing and a hell lot of SEO, Traffic and links. It was just the materials I needed. One of the articles suggested I start up with a free host just as blogger, peperonity, or hubpage. I choosed blogger, all thanks to a guy who I met at the cyber too., Baron who was into blogger. Blogging came with its own challenges, but I loved it. I updated the blog with a simple template then decided to kick off with an entertainment site cos nigga am full of fun for the entertainment industry. My first blogger hosted site swaginx.blogspot.com was a success story. I kind of destroyed the site and then built a hell lot of others which suffered the same neglect, as I let them die naturally cos it was more for experience not for managing.
After that, I kind of winked at wordpress, but stayed on with blogger, then got what I needed to start off, made do with a blogger site and that gave birth to loadednation.com and till today whenever I see that guy who asked me “what do you know about blogging”, I nod my head and say in my mind, “I haven’t learnt”. That what’s its all about.
Q3. Did you dabble into blogger for the money?
Ans: HAHAHA!!! Money, Lols, if you look at my advertise here page, and submit your music page, tell me whats the money in it!. All these ads you see here namely adsense, addynamo and infolinks, I allowed them to run just to fulfill all righteousness as you can hardly see a site that doesn’t run advert. Blogger for money, LOLS. Sounds funny though, I must confess. Let me be frank with you, if you wish to make just a 100 dollar with adsense, you are gonna make it in 2 years if you really just blog for money not for the people and that’s if you are lucky not to have your adsense account suspended for fraudulent clicks. I blog for passion dear. In Nigeria, you have got to pay even the cyber for time, no wifi ooh apart from campus and other areas and you say I blog for money. I even advertise with adwords. Its all for fun, for the passion and for the feeling you get when you got that material going online, people read, and you see comments, you just feel that appreciation in your heart as no man is an island. Blogging isn’t all about the dollar bill, its about you, its all about me, its all about what man needs, socialization and appreciation.  
Q4. Any Inspiration quote for young bloggers?
Ans: Am a young blogger, and if you think you need inspiration and motivation, I need it too. What am just gonna say to niggas and folks out there like me is this - Be dedicated, be passionate, just build it dear, and let it all go. Don’t die for it, but its worth a risk. Love your site, love others site too, admire other people site as you want others to admire yours. Interesting articles you come about, share with your blog readers. Just do what you know how to do best but don’t concentrate on the dollar bill, focus on spending your own dollar bill for your blog, and not your blog spending on you.

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